Are you considering the purchase and installation of a whole house water filtration system? If so, you may be interested in learning how they work. This understanding can help you decide if this investment is right for you and your family.

If this is a purchase you are researching, you likely appreciate the value of access to clean and clear water. A whole-house system treats the water as it enters your home. This removes a host of impurities and keeps them out of your house. When your home has a whole house system, ALL of the water you use (showers, sinks, and appliances) has been filtered.

The Workings of a Whole House Filtration System
The first thing a whole house system does is pre-filter the entering water. This step is particularly important when it comes to protecting your plumbing in general, and specifically your pipes as it blocks larger impurity particles including sediment.

If your water is provided by a municipal water company it is likely to contain chlorine and chloramines. These are removed in the next step of whole house water filtration. After this, your whole-house system will leverage the use of activated carbon to remove added impurities, including pesticides, from your water.

At this point, your water will travel through a post-filter which removes anything not caught by the earlier filtration process. This final step ensures the water that enters your home is crystal clear, perfect for drinking, washing dishes, showering, and more.

Consider a Whole House Water Filtration System

As with most things, the decision on whether or not to install a whole-house system is a personal one. For some families, it is an ideal solution, providing them peace of mind that all water in the house is free of contaminants. But, these systems are an investment (albeit one that often pays off by saving money in so many ways).

Others, however, get the protection they need from other types of water filters including under sink and countertop. Each has specific benefits.

That said, while the type of filter to install is up to you, there is no doubt that having a water filtration system, of some type, is important. You want to take the best care of your family and visiting friends. And providing them with clean and safe water, free from impurities, is an excellent way to begin.

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