Durtherm - Hot Water Sanitization

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Duratherm: RO element for Hot Water Sanitization

GE Desal Duratherm Commercial Reverse Osmosis Membranes for Superior High Temperature Sanitization for Consistent Product Quality. Duratherm HWS elements are designed, engineered and manufactured to provide consistent, reliable performance under extreme operating parameters. These elements can handle hot water sanitizing at temperatures as high as 90°C at low pressure, according to the GE Osmonics' specified protocol.

Consistent hot water sanitization of RO/NF units will regularly pasteurize and free the membranes of any vegetative cells. In fact, in many cases hot water is the best choice to sanitize your system. Hot water sanitization also offers additional advantages as compared to biocide options, including:

  • No membrane damage
  • Sanitization of the permeate side of the membrane
  • Easy direct access or easy to produce
  • Killing bacteria
  • Preventing bio-fouling development
  • Non-toxic
  • No permit required to store or handle chemical
  • No disposal costs
  • Comparatively inexpensive