Water is the essence of life. It comprises around 70% of the human body, and we need to make sure that the water that goes inside our body is free from dirt and sediments. If you live in an area where you utilize well water as the source of drinking water, it is essential for you to remove sediment from water to make it drinkable.

The sediments, such as dirt and sand, can not only harm your body but they also weaken and block your water supply pipelines by accumulating inside them. Then it further spoils the quality of your household appliances. Hence, removing sediment from water becomes even more crucial. This will save you from burning a hole in your pocket later on in life. Before moving ahead with learning about the ways to combat this problem, let us first look at what sediment is and how it can affect the human body.

What Is Sediment?

Sediments are nothing but dissolved metals, including manganese and iron, that get converted into solid metals and float and then settle down at the bottom of a surface, such as water glass. They enter from the water pipes of your home. Sediments can also be present in the form of clay or sand. They generally provide a very unpleasant taste to the water and give out bad odors. 

Although there are no severe health issues caused due to sediment-filled water, they can significantly impact the house pipelines and appliances if not being taken care of. This is why it is advisable to install a sediment filtration system.

A general overview can help you decide whether the water is contaminated with sediments or not.

How To Check For Sediments In Drinking Water?

You can find out the sediments in the water with the naked eye as they usually float in the form of flecks. Sedimentation indicates the presence of contaminants in the water, such as lead and iron, which comes from your water pipes and can cause major health issues in the longer run.

How To Remove Sediment From Water?

There are various ways in which you can remove sediments from the drinking water:

  • Adding chlorine to the water.
  • Install a good-quality water softener.
  • Installation of cartridge filters.
  • Advance water treatments, such as; Ultra-filtration membrane system, Reverse osmosis, Flocculation aids, etc.

Out of all, filtration is considered the best way to remove sediment from water and to take care of your health.