Based on Watts' FMPIC-90-5-HT An efficient water filtering system, the Flowmax 90 is ideal for a wide range of uses. Water that is safe to drink or use for other purposes can be assured thanks to this system's use of cutting-edge technology to filter out harmful substances.

The Flowmax 90 is great for homes and businesses alike because to its long lifespan and premium components. The filtration efficiency is ideal even when the water is filtered at a high flow rate. 

The Flowmax 90's sophisticated filtering medium is one of its most notable qualities; it efficiently traps and removes various impurities, including as chlorine, sediment, chemicals, and more. Because of this, you may be certain that the filtered water has no contaminants, bad tastes, or odors.

In addition, a pressure release valve is incorporated into the system to avoid harm caused by excessive pressure, guaranteeing dependable and secure performance. To top it all off, the Flowmax 90 is a breeze to set up and keep operating smoothly with its straightforward cartridge replacement processes.

The Watts FMPIC-90-5-HT Flowmax 90 is a great option for many uses because of its effective and dependable water filtration performance.

The Watts FMPIC-90-5-HT Flowmax 90 is practical and easy to operate, and it also filters well. Its small size and clever layout make it suitable for installation in a number of different spots, such as a utility room or under the sink.

In the event that users need to redirect water flow away from the filter—for example, when changing the cartridge or doing maintenance—the system's built-in bypass valve makes this possible. This way, the water will continue to flow even if the filtering system is temporarily down.

In addition, the Flowmax 90 is built to last because to its corrosion-resistant materials and sturdy design, which can handle the wear and tear of constant use. With its dependable performance and comfort of mind, it is an excellent investment for water filtration needs in the long run.

The Watts FMPIC-90-5-HT Flowmax 90 provides reliable water filtering for a range of applications, including residences, businesses, and industries. A leading option for guaranteeing safe and clean water in every setting, thanks to its cutting-edge technology, intuitive design, and long-lasting construction.

Additionally, the Flowmax 90's filtration capabilities are highly customizable, allowing users to address specific water quality concerns with a variety of filter cartridge alternatives. There is probably a compatible cartridge out there that can handle the impurities you're dealing with, be it sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, or anything else.

In addition, the system's high flow rate guarantees an abundant supply of water without sacrificing the efficiency of the filtration process. Commercial kitchens, restaurants, and industrial processes all benefit greatly from this, as do other uses requiring a big volume of water.

The Flowmax 90 requires little in the way of maintenance; changing the cartridge is usually the most common chore. The majority of cartridges can be quickly and simply replaced without the aid of specialized equipment or trained personnel, allowing for continuous operation with little interruptions.

If you're looking for a water filter that's dependable, effective, and easy to use, go no further than the Watts FMPIC-90-5-HT Flowmax 90. Its functionality, longevity, and user-friendliness make it an invaluable tool for guaranteeing safe and clean water in any environment.