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KX Technologies - MKX-B10-RFL - 10" x 4.5" RFL - 20 Micron - Radial Flow Carbon Filter

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This is a MatriKX Carbon Block 20 micron Cartridge, specifically designed for high flow while improving taste / removing odors FROM UNTREATED WATER. Carbon made from Coconut has superior qualities to standard carbon cartridges. Less channeling which means less by-pass. Note that the 'activated carbon' process works when the carbon particles touch the water. Fine silt/mud will coat the carbon and render the cartridge largely ineffective. When fittings always re-lubricate the sump o-ring and threads, to enable easy sealing from hand tightening the sump. This reduces stretching & flattening of the o-ring. Always purge before finishing your systems cartridge change, to avoid unnecessary air spurting through your household taps. Sumps tighten from the effect of water pump pulsation.


  • Gaskets: NBR
  • Pressure Drop: 1.0 PSI
  • Micron Rating: 20 microns
  • Temperature Range: 40 - 180 F
  • Filter Life: About 20,000 gallons
  • Dimensions: 9 3/4" length x 4 1/2" width
  • Filter Media: Coconut shell GAC carbon block
  • Removes/Reduces: Chlorine taste and odor, dirt, sediment, rust, etc.
  • Flow Rate: 3 gallons per minute @ 1.0 PSI (may vary depending on specific water filter system)