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Isopure Water

Clack (D1400)-C-Series In/Out Head w/Vent Tap for 1.05" Distributor Pipe

Product Code D1400

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Designed for simple in-out filters such as pH neutralizers, carbon filters, etc. The C1190 head can be used for Upflow or Downflow service. The head fits a standard 2 1/2" NPSM tank thread and features a 1.050" distributor opening. The C1190 features a drillable, pre-tapped 1/4" FIPT vent port (found on the C1190 only). The C1190FP is designed with a removable top, or fill port, and an internal screen. The C1190FP internal screen is easily serviced and cleaned by using the service wrench, provided with each head, to disassemble the head. The C1190 series heads require a C-Series fitting kit for a proper plumbing connection.