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Aries (AF-20-2013-BB) 20"x4.5" Big Blue 3 LB KDF-55-GAC Filter

Product Code AF-20-2013-BB

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The Aries AF-20-2013-BB fits the following water filter housings: 20" housings The Aries AF-20-2013-BB big blue gac filter is a replacement kdf water filter for your home. This kdf water filter cartridge will remove chlorine, lead, iron, and mercury from your water through kinetic degradation fluxion.

This process uses electrons to remove harmful contaminants from your homes drinking water. Aries AF-20-2013-BB Water Filter Cartridge Specifications: Contains 1 replacement filter Part Number: AF-20-2013-BB 3 lbs.

KDF filter media 20" specialty filter KDF water filters are the best at removing contaminants and will protect your family from particulate filled water. The Aries AF-20-2013-BB is also a granular activated carbon water filter that will remove the unpleasant smell and odor associated with chlorine. The AF-20-2013-BB is a genuine OEM part for your 20" housing.