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IPW Industries Inc

5 Micron Home Sediment Water Filter Cartridges - Replacement Cartridges - 20" Height x 2.5" Width (6 Pack) by IPW Industries Inc.

Product Code (6) x SC25-200005

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This IPW Industries Inc. set comes with 6 cartridges that are 20" x 2.5". These whole house replacement filters are 5 micron to reduce dirt, sand, and rust in your water.

  • 6 cartridges at the size of 20" x 2.5"
  • Cartridges feature a unique multi-depth poly sediment filter to ensure all sediments are captured leaving your water pure, clean, and smooth.
  • This filter purifies using the entire depth of it€™s media to 5 microns giving it a longer filter life and and higher flow rates. Sifts out even the finest dirt, salt, and rust.