**GTS-550-USA Shown**

TGI Pure (GTS-550-P-USA) 5 Stage with Pump 35 GPD Great Tahoe Springs

The GTS-550-P-USA is capable of producing 35 gallons per day and is small enough to sit on top of a counter top. The pump used is a 220 volt pump specifically for overseas (non USA) applications. The Great Tahoe Springs Reverse Osmosis System is a 5 stage reverse osmosis system which contains four replacement water filter cartridges and one membrane. Below is a break down of each stage and the compatible replacement membrane and filter part numbers that can be found on our site.

STAGE 1 : FPMB5-978

STAGE 2 : F109009

STAGE 3 : IF-SP-1001

STAGE 4 : TW30-1812-36