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Alamo (A9231-AL-1) 12x30 Mesh Acid Washed Granular Activated Carbon - 1 lb Bag

Alamo (A9231-AL-1) 12x30 Mesh Acid Washed Granular Activated Carbon - 1 lb Bag


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Activated carbon (AC) is a natural material derived from coconut shell and is activated by steam and other means. Carbon is very popular due to its ability to correct many water quality problems. 

Coconut Shell carbon is highly desired for its superior level of hardness; high activity level; trihalomethane removal; and longer life expectancy.

  • Improve taste and remove odors
  • Dechlorination of water
  • Remove color from water
  • Removal of organic substances
  • Removal of synthetic organic substances
  • Clear water for drinking, bathing and cooking!
Contaminates adsorbed
  • Chlorine
  • Organic Chemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • TCE (Trichloroethylene)
  • EDB (Ethylene dibromide)
  • THM (Trihalomethanes
  • Sediment
  • Chemical odor
  • Pesticides
  • Detergents
  • Chloramines

Standard Operating Conditions
Service Flow Rate2-6 gpm/cu ft
Note: Service flow rates are calculated at 2-6 gpm/ft3 for standard taste, odor and chlorine removal application using bituminous carbon. Chloramines and TDS applications will require lower service flow rates and longer empty bed contact time or specialized carbon formulations.

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Reviewed by: KJ from California. on 1/1/2013


Questions & Answers

Q: will this filter out viruses?
Asked by:  - 10/8/2013 (Submit an answer)
A: No this won't. You'll need some kind of very small sub micron filter. It's best to tackle this with some kind of UV or chlorination as these are the only approved methods of disinfection.
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Q: will this product filter out viruses?
Asked by:  - 10/8/2013 (Submit an answer)
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