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Replacement Water Filters Give You Dependable, Clean, Safe Water

Posted by Basit Hashmi on 10/1/2016

Do you want to always have safe, clean water?  If your answer to this question is a rousing ‘Yes’, then this is for you.  Our replacement water filters will keep that clean, safe water flowing for the whole family but this will only happen if the filter is changed on a regular basis.

The length of time between changes depends very much on the conditions in which the filter is working.  Most filter systems carry a recommended service interval, usually a number of gallons or a specified time interval.  We do not advise that these service intervals are ignored as the effectiveness of the filter can be seriously compromised if they are not adhered to.

What Can Compromise A Filter?

Sediment build-up is simple to spot. The water flowing out from the filter is reduced and it is obvious that something is blocking the efficient passage of water through the system. Time to pop a replacement water filter into your unit!

Other Than Sediment Build-up, Why Would I Want To Change the Filter?

Many filters have an activated carbon component in the filter.  This activated carbon is vital for removing components such as Chlorine and other Organic Carbon Compounds such as pesticides and herbicides. 

The carbon granules work by attracting and holding contaminants on their surface.  As more and more water is filtered the surface area of each granule gradually becomes covered and no more contaminants can be held.  The water will simply flow through the filter and not be cleaned as you would wish so the need for a replacement water filter becomes paramount.

If a ‘Boil Water Advisory’ has been issued for your area then consider changing the filter after such an event. These advisories are issued when there is a loss of positive pressure in the distribution system that could result in contamination entering the system. 

Where Do These Contaminants Come from and How Do I Recognize Them?

A sad fact of life is that we are surrounded by industries that push contaminants into our water supply. We have listed almost 100 contaminants and where they come from on our easy to use Contaminant Researcher.  This will help you understand some of the contaminants that could be present in the water coming from your tap and where that chemical originates. 

As with anything, education is important. Once you understand the environment in which you live, even if you cannot taste or smell the chemical, you can ensure its removal with a filter that deals with that chemical and the regular use of replacement water filters will give you the best protection available

What Will Give Me a Clue That the Filter Should Be Changed before the Manufacturer’s Recommendation?

Anything that gives you an indication that the performance of the filter is declining should tip you of that you need replacement water filters. As already mentioned, the reduced flow of water is a good indicator of sediment build up.  

Adherence to the recommended service intervals will minimize the danger of contaminant build-up on the active components of the filters.

Another point to consider is recent activity that has taken place in the area in which you live. Do you live close to farmland where chemicals have been sprayed either by hand or mechanically?  Do you live in an area renowned for its hard water (water carrying a heavy mineral load)? If so, you can either use one of our extensive range of testing products to identify possible contaminants or bring the service interval down as you know that the filter has been working overtime to remove those chemicals.  

Can I Use any Replacement Water Filter That Will Fit?

This practice is strongly discouraged. Replacement water filters are not universal and whilst the cartridge that you purchase may seem to fit the housing, the smallest gap between the cartridge and the housing could let gallons of water flow straight past all the active ingredients negating the effect of the filter.

Another consideration is that the ingredients within the replacement water filter may not be of the same quality as those that we use, resulting in poor contaminant removal thus compromising the quality of the water.

Most city dwellers will have good quality, though chlorinated, water supplied to them, via their municipal distribution system meaning that the manufacturers’ recommendations regarding replacement water filters can be adhered to. But consumers living in remote or rural areas, especially those drawing water from wells, should ensure good quality filtration systems are installed and the filters are consistently replaced.

We have an extensive range of replacement water filters available, that are designed to fit our water filtration systems and keep your water supply dependable, clean and safe.  All these products can be purchased on-line and our shipping policy will ensure that the cartridges arrive on your doorstep as soon as possible. 

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