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Watts E-Treat Salt-Free Water Conditioning System

Product Code ETREATWCS


Environmentally Friendly Water Quality Improvement Products From Watts®
Water conservation isn’t just a buzz word anymore. It’s rapidly becoming a way of life. That’s why Watts’ E-Treat® Systems are the perfect solution for your customers and your business. Say "yes" to water conservation, while improving your customer’s water quality.

E-Treat® Water Conditioning System
Conventional water softeners are generally considered the most effective and practical way to reduce water hardness and prevent scale formation in pipes and plumbing fixtures. Water softeners, however, require salt to regenerate, and they must be backwashed periodically to rinse and refresh the ion exchange resin. Brine water discharge and the need to conserve water have challenged this conventional technology, and new methods to provide scale-free water are being considered.
With E-Treat® water conditioning systems, there's no salt, no backwash, no scale, no chlorine and no electricity!