Watertec Sterilizer (UV-LS6A) UV 6 GPM 28 Watts 28" X 2.5" 1-2 NPT 230V-50Hz

Watertec Sterilizer (UV-LS6A) UV 6 GPM 28 Watts 28" X 2.5" 1-2 NPT 230V-50Hz

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The brand-new point-of-use and whole of house UV germicidal units, Germicidalight is specifically designed for offering excellent water treatment to all domestic and small commercial applications.


  • High output UV lamp
  • Polished stainless steel reactor chambers to laboratory or medical standards
  • Compact design allowing for wide application
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Maximum UV output with the highest-quality quartz sleeve
  • LED and Alarm double-check indicators for lamp failure
  • Easy maintenance: unnecessary to disconnect water flow to change UV lamp
  • Ecological way to protect your water flow without side effects
  • 99.9% destruction of bacteria and viruses at rated flow

The principle of Germicidalight lies in employing the 254 nm ultraviolet rays (UV-C) to cause immediate death of organisms or wipe out their ability to survive and reproduce. The Germicidalight supersedes sterilizing chemicals (such as chlorine mixtures) as it does not bring about the side effect of chemicals. Furthermore, the disinfectant efficiency is several times more then that of chlorine or chlorine mixtures. It is much safer to use and operate (no toxic chemicals to handle).

Germicidalight units are made out of stainless steel and and convenient for consumers to wash and maintain. It is also easy to replace the UV lamp without needing to turn off the flow. There is a double check safety feature with LED visual alarm with back-up audible alarm. The highly efficient UV lamps and quartz sleeves enhance the penetration power of ultraviolet rays and help reduce bacteria and viruses up to 99.9%

Germicidalight manages your drinking water in an ecological way for you and the environment. It is safe, economical and environmental-friendly.

Specifications - UV6A

Flow Rate in Clear, Clean Water 6 GPM
Lamp Rated Life (hrs) 9,000
UV Dosage *µW-sec/cm² *30,000
Electricity unit Volts 120 or 220-240
Hz 50 or 60
Watts 25W
Lamp Failure Warning System Visible LED
Audible Alarm
No. of UV Lamps needed 1
Inlet/Outlet muzzle size 1/2"NPT
Dimensions (inch) 14 x 2½
UV Chamber Material 304L S.S.
Maximum Operating Pressure 125 psi