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Water Care

Water Care (SG-R-F-01) SALT-GUARD® Low Salt Level Wireless Alarm for Water Softeners

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This wireless salt level alarm was specially designed for domestic water softeners and uses a transmitter and receiver.

  1. The transmitter is connected to a plastic wire that can be easily set at any level, and to a weight that rests on the salt.
  2. As the weight begins to tighten the plastic wire, the transmitter is brought to a vertical position and sends a signal up to 80ft indoors (up to 25 meters indoors) to the receiver (fitted with a built-in magnet for hanging on the refrigerator, for instance), which in turn gives a light signal every 3 seconds.
  3. Once the salt tank has been refilled, press the reset� button on the receiver.
  4. The batteries need to be replaced every year. (One set of batteries is included)