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Viqua (E4) Residential UV System Whole Home Water 22 GPM

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Viqua (E4) Residential UV System Whole Home Water 22 GPM

  • Highly featured whole-home UV disinfection system with graphical interface designed for recommended flow rates up to 22 gpm (83 lpm)
  • Overall foot print is very compact due to advanced lamp/chamber technology

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Features & Specs
    • 16mJ/cm2: 42 GPM (160 lpm) (9.6 m3/hr)
    • 30mJ/cm2: 22 GPM (83 lpm) (5 m3/hr)
    • 40mJ/cm2: 16 GPM (60 lpm) (3.6 m3/hr)
    • Dimensions: 30? x 4? (76 cm x 10 cm)
    • Shipping Weight lbs (kg): 13 lbs (5.9 kg)
    • Connection Size: 1? NPT
    • Power Consumption: 83W
    • Warranty:
      • 7-Year Warranty on the Stainless Steel UV Reactor
      • 1-Year Warranty on UV lamps, quartz sleeves and sensor
      • 5-Year Pro-rated Warranty on all other components

Viqua Residential UV System 

With the Viqua (E4) Residential UV System, get the ultimate in water purification. This comprehensive book explores the characteristics, advantages, and practical uses of this state-of-the-art system, which offers a dependable defense against water contaminants for your house. 

With its cutting-edge filtration technology, the Viqua (E4) Residential UV System raises the bar for whole-home water treatment. Explore the elements that set this system apart for homes looking for uncompromised water quality.

Viqua (E4), with its amazing 22 gallons per minute (GPM) capacity, makes sure that your entire house has access to clean water without sacrificing flow rate. Find out how this system effectively satisfies the needs of various types of homes.

Learn about the design that's easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your home plumbing. Viqua (E4) is a convenient addition to your house because it guarantees a hassle-free installation process.

Discover how Viqua (E4) performs exceptionally well while handling a range of water pollutants. See how this UV system guarantees that your water is free of hazardous pollutants, like bacteria and viruses. Viqua's (E4) design makes it easy to manage well water. Its cutting-edge UV technology efficiently removes germs and other impurities that are frequently present in well water.

The amount of use determines how long a UV light lasts. It is usually advised to change the lightbulb once a year to provide continued protection and the best results. Viqua (E4) successfully eliminates unpleasant smells in water that are the result of bacteria and other contaminants. Savor clean, fresh water throughout your house.

Even though Viqua (E4) is made for simple integration, it is nevertheless advised to have a professional installation to guarantee the correct setup and maximum efficiency. This makes it more likely that the system will run to its maximum potential.