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Type A/C Pool Filter Cartridge for Intex Filter Pump, Inground and above Ground Pools, Summer Waves Pool Filter Type a or C, Made of Dacron Fibre, Re-Useable (2 Pack)

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  • Sunset Filters Premium Quality Pool filter type a/c is made of Dacron fibre with a pleated structure that is durable and practical. Dacron material makes these filters reusable. Outside Diameter: 4.13"; Height: 8.00"
  • Sunset Filters provides powerful filtration performance for pools. These size A/C pool filter cartridges will make sure that your pool water is clean and fresh. This Pool filter efficiently removes hair, leaves, dust, sediment, sand, etc.
  • Easy to clean pool filter a/c is made to be heavy duty for maximum efficiency and cost saving. Do not buy cheaper and less efficient filters.
  • Superior service for your pool, the package includes 2 type a/c filter cartridges, could be used as type a or type c filter cartridge for pool
  • Type A or C Pool Filter Cartridge also known as Type a/c filter cartridge forms a part of your routine maintenance for your swimming pool cleaning and should be replaced regularly.

Product Description

1. Turn off pool pump and water supply

2. Release filter system air valve

3. Detach filter lid, pull old filter out

4. Insert new Sunset Filter

Durable Dacron Paper Pleats

Soft, Pliable Molded End Caps

Reusable and Easy-to-Clean

Designed to Last

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Designed For Hot Tub & Spa Inground & Above Above Ground Pool Hot Tub & Spa
Compatible Brands Coleman, Saluspa, Best Way, Lay-Z-Spa Intex, Krystal Clear Intex, Summer Escapes, Sand N Suna Hot Tub & Spa
Compatible Models 90352E, 58323 58603, 58604, 56637, 56638, 56635, 56636 RP350, RP400, RP600, RX600, SFS600, SFX600 90352E, 58323
Pieces 4-Pack 2-Pack 6-Pack 6-Pack