Superior® Magnetic Water Conditioners 25 GPM

Superior® Magnetic Water Conditioners 25 GPM

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The residential models control lime/scale deposits and corrosion in plumbing systems (including hot and cold water lines), water heaters, icemakers, humidifiers, and more. The Superior Water Conditioner® reduces the surface tension of water, making it wetter or more penetrable so that soap will lather better, resulting in cleaner laundry, dishware, cars, etc. The reduced surface tension also creates a better rinsing effect that reduces or completely eliminates spotting when drying.

Although the Superior Water Conditioner® does not actually soften water as a salt-using, ion-exchange softener does, many of our customers report increased facility in rinsing soap off with less residue left behind. A Superior Water Conditioner® can also be used in conjunction with a filter if iron is present.

By magnetically suspending the minerals in water, lime scale and corrosion buildup are controlled. Superior® is non-polluting and does not affect the taste or quality of the water since NO CHEMICALS OR ADDITIVES ARE USED. Water that is safe before Superior® water treatment is equally as safe following treatment, and potable water subjected to this process has received approval from International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.

Furthermore, Superiorized® water is not only safe for watering plants and lawns, it will enhance plant growth, reduce fertilizer requirements and conserve water because less water will be required to reap the same results.

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