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Isopure Water

Purolite (NRW37) Mixed Bed DI Resin Media (1 Lb)

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Purolite nuclear resins are processed to the most exacting specifications. They are specially purified to ensure high percentage conversion to their regenerated form, and are offered in closely controlled particle size ranges. All products in the Purolite range have whole perfect beads typically over 95%. They meet the specifications required by major engineering companies throughout the nuclear products are used in the production of ultra pure water, preparation of condensate, radiation waste treatment and in the manufacture and purification of pharmaceutical products. Mixed bed resins are frequently used in polishers following other types of water treatment. The high product quality ensures that it is possible to achieve treated water of the highest purity - conductivity 0.055 µS cm-1 or resistivity 18.3 Meg Ohm. The component resins of Purolite NRW37, Purolite NRW400 (strong base type 1 anion exchanger) and Purolite NRW100 (strong acid cation exchanger) are combined in the ratio which for general types of water to be treated yields the optimum exchangeable capacity. Other ratios are available on request. Purolite mixed bed resins can be used for both regenerable or non-regenerable (cartridge) systems.

Basic Features:

Application Demineralization & Decontamination of Secondary Cooling Circuits
Polymer Structure Gel polystyrene cross-linked with divinylbenzene
Appearance Spherical beads
Functional Group Sulphonic Acid and Type 1 Quaternary Ammonium
Ionic form as shipped H+ / OH-

Typical Physical and Chemical Characteristics:

Cation Component Gel strong acid cation
Anion Component Gel strong base anion
Cation / Anion Ratio 40/60 %
Total Capacity (min.) H+ 1.80 eq/l
Total Capacity (min.) H+ 39.30 kGr/ft3
Total Capacity (min.) OH- 1.00 eq/l
Total Capacity (min.) OH- 21.80 kGr/ft3
Moisture Content (max.) 65 %
Mean Size Typical 0.65-0.90 mm
Uniformity Coefficient (max.) 1.70
Shipping Weight (approx.) 705-740 g/l
Shipping Weight (approx.) 44.1-46.3 lbs/ft3
Temp Limit Non-Regenerable Bed 100 °C
Temp Limit Non-Regenerable Bed 212 °F
Temp Limit Regenerable Bed 60 °C
Temp Limit Regenerable Bed 140 °F
pH Limits 0-14
Cationic Form (min.) 99.90 %
Anionic Form(min.) OH- 95 %
Anionic Form(max.) CO3-2 5 %
Anionic Form(max.) Cl- 0.10 %
Anionic Form(max.) SO4-2 0.30 %
Impurities Sodium(max.) 30 ppm
Impurities Iron(max.) 80 ppm
Impurities Heavy Metals 40 ppm