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IPW Industries Inc-Pleated Polyester Sediment Water Filter Cartridges Compatible with W50PE, WFPFC3002, SPC-25-1050, FM-50-975 Models –Whole House Replacement Water Filter Cartridge 20 Micron- 2 Pack

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  • ABOUT PRODUCT: It is a package of 2 Water filter cartridges that are compatible with W50PE, WFPFC3002, SPC-25-1050, FM-50-975 water filter cartridges. It has a larger surface area and a longer filter life. This water filter cartridge removes more pollutants by providing "depth" filtering.
  • REMOVE TASTES & SMELLS: To remove tastes, smells, and sediment from cold water, use this compatible filter cartridge for W50PE, WFPFC3002, SPC-25-1050, FM-50-975 models. This is the cartridge that comes standard with all taste & odor filter systems. The Pleated Polyester Sediment cartridge fits all W50PE, WFPFC3002, SPC-25-1050, FM-50-975 models.
  • EFFICIENCY: Our water filter cartridge eliminates pollutants and impurities from water. At the same time, it effectively preserves many vital minerals. For optimal performance, water filter cartridges should be replaced every 3 months based on the quality of your water.
  • FEATURES: Our water filter cartridge particularly offers a larger surface area and a longer life. This cartridge eliminates chlorine, bad taste, and odor, and is available in a variety of sizes. This replacement cartridge will provide you with high filtering performance at a lower cost.
  • MAKES WATER FOR CONSUMPTION: For households that rely on groundwater or tap water, heavy metal levels can be significant. As a result, purifying water may be necessary. Our suitable water filter cartridge may be able to remove these heavy metals and make the water safe to drink.