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Isopure Water

IPW Industries Inc. EV953440 EC110 Compatible Cartridges - 10" x 2.5" 1 Micron Sediment Filters - Pack of 8

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  • [INCLUDES] (x8) pack of 1 Micron, 100% polypropylene sediment filters - 10" inch x 2.5" inch
  • [HIGH COMPATIBILITY] This filter set is compatible to: EV953440 and EC110 Cartridges
  • [FILTER LIFETIME] Replace filters as needed every 6 -12 months (depending on water quality). To ensure you are continuously getting sediment free water, make sure you change your filters regularly.
  • [QUALITY FILTRATION] Our 100% Pure Polypropylene filters are made using a system to provide a better pressure differential. IPW Industries Inc filters are free of binders, agents, solvents, antistatic materials or wetting agents. With filters capable of removing contaminants, large and fine particles from drinking water, such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust particles – you’ll have perfect sediment free water at your home
  • [Why IPW Industries Inc] IPW Industries Inc has 17 years of expertise and are members of the Water Quality Association. We stand by our products and service.