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Hanna (HI9143) Dissolved Oxygen Meter; WTR-Proof

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The HI-9143 offers a choice of readout for dissolved oxygen in either mg/L(ppm) or, in percent saturation of oxygen. The dissolved oxygen readings are shown on the protected LCD display together with the temperature of the solution. It can also compensate for the salinity of the sample and the sample altitude - both factors that have a bearing on dissolved oxygen.

The probe is supplied complete with a 4m cable and features a temperature sensor built-in to allow for automatic temperature compensation at the point of the dissolved oxygen probe. Calibration is simple and quickly performed in air, and is automatically carried out by the meter at the press of a button.

The case itself is waterproof and dust proof and features a recessed and rubber protected keyboard with a graphic user guide incorporated into the LCD display for ease of use.