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Isopure Water

GRO Filter Replacement Set | 3 Filters for 4-Stage RO System

Product Code (1) SC25-1005 (2) 32-250-10-MATRIKX

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  • Sediment and Carbon Block Prefilters
  • Carbon Block Postfilter
  • To fit 4-Stage GRO System, Membrane not Included

Filter Set for HIGH RECOVERY 4-Stage RO, 3 Filters (no membrane).Check the Photo to confirm if your system matches - any questions please message me prior to ordering. This is ideal for 4 stage RO units using the GRO-75EN or GRO-50EN Pentair Membrane. This kit includes 3 filters which are normally changed once per year. The kit does NOT include a replacement membrane, which is normally changed once per 3 years.


  • One 5 micron sediment prefilter, 2.5" x 10", NSF certified materials
  • One Carbon Block prefilter, 2.75" x 10", NSF Certified
  • One Carbon Block postfilter, 2.75" x 10", NSF Certified