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Good Water (LT8) Liquid Thread Sealant; 8 OZ.

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Liquid Thread Sealant

All purpose PTFE thread sealing compound that produces leakproof seals on threaded connections. Lubricates, seals and protects threads in an extensive variety of plumbing, heating and oil field threaded pipe connections over a wide range of services, temperatures and pressures. Will not dry out, stain, harden or separate. Non-toxic. Will not destroy the seals of valves or faucets. Wipes clean from hands easily.

  • NSF Certified

Thread sealant is used to stop fluids from leaking via a threaded pipe connection. Sealant performs its function by completely filling the void between mating male and female threads. Plus, they act as a lubricant as the threads are tightened. This product is a liquid thread sealer, one of two common forms alongside tape. In contrast to their solid counterparts, liquid sealants need time to cure before they can be used. As a result, it forms a seamless, air- and watertight seal without cracking or shrinking. It is flexible in its application and works well with many different substances. It can withstand extreme conditions, including heat, pressure, vibration, and chemicals, with little or no damage. Verify that this item has the necessary features and certifications for your project. To ensure the thread sealant adheres to the material and forms a proper seal, cleaning and degreasing the threads are also necessary.