Fleck (WST-VF-560M246A) 5600-1600 Standard Range Meter "L" Softener Valve 24V-60Hz

Fleck (WST-VF-560M246A) 5600-1600 Standard Range Meter "L" Softener Valve 24V-60Hz

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The tough and reliable Fleck 5600 control valve for filters and softeners can handle flow rates up to 20 gallons per minute and is made to provide the backwash capacity for softeners up to 12" in diameter and filters up to a 10" diameter.

These metered valves are used to count up to 2100 gallons before regeneration. The typical application for meter "on demand" valves are for water softeners and other regenerating ion exchangers.

The valves listed below are of the popular œL back plate series. Plastic yoke or stainless steel bypass valve can be ordered separately.

Specs Valve Material: Noryl Inlet/Outlet: 3/4" or 1" Female Pipe, with bypass or yoke. Softening Cycles Provided: 6: Preliminary rinse, backwash, brine and slow rinse, rapid rinse, settling rinse and brine tank refill, and service. Drain Line Dimensions: 1/2"Brine Line: 3/8"Height from top of tank: 7"Mounting Base: 2 1/2"Working Pressure: 20 to 125 psi.Working Temperature: 34 to 110 degrees F.