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Fleck (F5800-LXT) 5800 LXT, 5 Cycle Softener Meter Valve, 12 VDC, No DLFC

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The Pentair® Fleck® 5800 Series of control valves sets a brand new standard for adaptability and innovative features. At the same time, they come from a company known for decades of expertise in the water industry, millions of units in service, and a tradition of rock solid reliability.

There is no need to stock a variety of control valves for filter or softener applications with the Pentair® Fleck® 5800. Every single 5800 was engineered to adapt easily to a wide variety of residential water system configurations.

This combination spells success for residential water conditioning dealers. It brings together the features homeowners prefer with the time-tested component designs professionals can trust for years of customer satisfaction. 
  • Stronger flow rates  21 gallons/minute 
  • continuous, 27 GPM peak, 17 GPM backwash
  • Faster setup time10,000 RPM fast-positioning motor with 12 volt DC drive
  • Soft water refill  for better brine saturation and a cleaner brine tank
  • Time of day backup a built-in super capacitor maintains system data up to 12 hours after a home power outage
  • Easy servicing “ cartridge-based seal and spacer design for quick and easy replacement 
  • Optical technology  optical sensors control the backwash cycle for trustworthy, precise performance
  • Clear backlit display  easy visibility for homeowners or service personnel€¦ even in a dark basement