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Isopure Water

Compatible to Watts Premier 560088 Lead, Cyst, VOC Carbon Block Two Stage Replacement, 1 pack, Filter Pack

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IPW Industries Inc compatible filters to Premier WP560088 Lead VOC Carbon Block Two Stage Replacement Filter Pack is for all standard under counter and countertop water filtration systems. It also reduces chorine taste and unwanted odor from hard and soft drinking water. Guaranteed to be the same quality as the original 560088.


IPW Industries Inc are authorized Watts Water Quality dealers. We use equivalent brands from Watts Water using the Flow Max and C-Max brands owned by Watts. Premier's 560088 is a straight from vendor to retailer version. Flow Max and C-Max (made by Watts) are made strictly for water dealers like ourselves. These are the same thing but just the water dealer version.

  • Replacement Water Filter Set designed for all standard under sink and countertop home water filtration systems
  • Comes with an NSF certified carbon block filter for lead, and chlorine removal
  • Includes a 5 micron sediment filter and a 1 micron carbon filter for two stages of water filtration
  • Compatible to Watts Premier 5SV 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System, (WP500032)