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ClearWater (CD1080) CD12 03 GEN-2.5GR-UNV Power- Word

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"CD12: 3 Grams/Hour 90-260V 50/60Hz. The Mini-Series from ClearWater Tech produces more ozone using less energy than any other ozone generator available. With an ozone output range of 1.3 to 8 grams per hour, this versatile trio is like nothing else on the market today. Features include compact size, fully adjustable ozone output, convenient electrical interface plug, and new 4-20mA control circuitry. Advantages to the CD12 are: 4-20 mA control; universal input power supply allows for input voltages from 90-260 volts; all units are air cooled for ease of installation; all solid state electronic components for maximum longevity; lowest watts-per-gram ratio of any ozone generator available and convenient LED displays show variable ozone output and air dryer status. Typical applications include: residential swimming pools; commercial spas; residential well water; bottled water; waste water; commercial laundry; water feature; and aquaculture. The CD 12 is a dual reaction chamber CD ozone generator with fully adjustable output. Use with dry air (AD-40), LPSA-20, Workhorse 8C air preparation systems. Specifications include: dimensions in inches: height: 21.5; width: 11.5; depth: 5; weight: 14.5 lbs; universal 150 watt consumption; ozone output: 3 grams/hr @ 8 SCFH (dry air); 1% concentration by weight or 8 grams/hr @ 8 SCFH (PSA oxygen); 3% concentration by weight."