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ClearWater (CD1010) CD10AD 03 Gen-AD-1.2GR-UNV PWR

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* The Clearwater Tech CD-10/AD Ozone Generator uses novel RHF technology, elevating Corona Discharge performance, dependability, and quality to a higher level

*Earth Safe Technology

* The CD10-AD ozone generator system includes an integrated "intelligent" air drying system for simple and convenient installation

* The CD-10/AD creates 1.2 gram per hour with fully adjustable output levels

* The system is built using high quality materials and is designed for a reliable, long life

* This ozone generator is equipped with a universal power supply and can accept any power input voltage from 90 to 260 Volts AC, 50 or 60 Hz

* Cost Effective - lowest power cost per gram of Ozone output among competing ozone generation systems