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Blue & White

Blue & White (PCS220K8MH1) Proportional Feed System 100-1000 GPM; 220V-50

Product Code PCS220K8MH1

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The Model PC combines two of Blue-White's Premier Products The CHEM-FEED C-1500N Metering Injector and the ALL NEW DIGI-FLO F-2000 Electronic Meter. The Model PC is designed to inject chemical into a piping system, for a preset amount of time per a preset volume of flow, as measured by the flow meter. For example, an injector will turn on for 15 seconds, injecting chemical into the piping system every time the flow meter measures a total of 500 gallons of flow through the piping system.

  • All Controls Are Front Panel Programmable
  • Set point status icon indicates chemical is being injected
  • Injector pump output can also be adjusted at the output for fine tuning
  • Manual start or automatically timed start

GPD: 14.4
Voltage: 15VSpecificationGPM: 100-1000
Voltage: 220V/50HZ