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Aries (AF-10-3622-BB) 10"x4.5" Big Blue Organic-Tannin Filter

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Tannins/Organics Removal Cartridges
Aries FilterWorks uses ResinTech® SBACR anion exchange resin to remove Tannins and other organics. This media is a high capacity, strongly basic anion resin, supplied in chloride or hydroxide form. The high water content and acrylic structure contribute to its greater capacity for removal in applications where elevated levels or organics are expected.

About Tannins/Organics
Tannins are organic matter that cause a yellow to dark tea color in water and may impart taste and odor. This effect is caused by a variety of humic and fulvic organic acids, which are found in waters influenced by rainfall, and runoff  from natural soil and peats into streams, rivers and lakes. Tannins have also been found in deep groundwater wells.

The structure of the tannin varies from location to location, depending on the vegetation in the area. Tannins are not directly regulated by a governmental agency, however there is a secondary drinking water standard of 15 alpha units for color. A secondary drinking water standard is not federally enforced. Tannins are not a health issue; however, they are aesthetically displeasing.