Watts Premier (105331) RO PURE 50 GPD Membrane

Watts Premier (105331) RO PURE 50 GPD Membrane

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Product Description
RO-PURE 50 GPD (Gallons Per Day) Membrane Filter.

Compatible with the Premier RO-PURE Reverse Osmosis System. This filter will work only with RO-PURE system. This semi permeable membrane will effectively reduce a wide range of contaminants such as Arsenic, Lead, Nitrates, Percholate, Chromium, Copper, Dissolved Solids as well as Cysts, such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.




  • Water Production: 50 GPD (Gallons Per Day)
  • Filter Rating: 2-5 Years*
  • Easy to install
  • *Note: Membrane life may vary based upon local water conditions, use patterns, and frequency of filter changes.:

Product Note:

  • This product will NOT fit the Watts 1/4 Turn KWIK Change Filter System.