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Watts (WQCCC) Kwik-Change RO Pre-Carbon Block Filter

Product Code WQCCC10


The Watts WQCCC Kwik-Change Replacement Carbon Block Prefilter is a 1/4 turn quick change replacement filter for the WQC4 RO system. Changing the filter is quick and easy, requiring no tools. It is recommended that you replace this filter every 6 months.
  • Function: Removes chlorine, taste, and odor.
  • Micron: 10 Nominal
  • Size: 10", 11", and 13"
  • Double o-rings mean there are no leaks
  • Internal valves shut off flow when the cartridges are removed.
  • Easy Cartridge Replacement:

*Compatible with with PWKCGAC13 filters as well. 
*Not compatible with "Watts Premier" systems.