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Watts (WQCABC) Kwik-Change RO Antibacterial Activated Carbon Filter

Product Code WQCABC10


The Watts WQCABC Kwik-Change Replacement Antibacterial Activated Carbon Post filter is a 1/4 turn quick change replacement filter for the WQC4 RO system. Changing the filter is quick and easy, requiring no tools. It is recommended that you replace this filter every 12 months.
  • Function: Antibacterial  Granulated Activated Carbon filters (GAC) effectively reduce chlorine, taste and odor problems with your water.
  • Micron: 10 Nominal
  • Size: 10", 11", and 13"
  • Double o-rings mean there are no leaks
  • Internal valves shut off flow when the cartridges are removed.
  • Easy Cartridge Replacement:

*Not compatible with "Watts Premier" systems.