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Here you will find our complete line of water treatment chemicals. Our products handle a wide array of water-related problems from removing rust and iron stains to removing tannins to solving pH problems. Our line of chemicals is packaged in color-coded labeled bottles for easy identification. Be sure to check out our specialty products section for other water treatment chemicals.


Foam is a mass of bubbles produced when certain kinds of gas are distributed into a liquid. Large quantities of ineffective foam are formed when thick liquid layers surround the bubbles. Foam's origins are still a mystery, but we do know that it has significant ramifications for industrial operations as well as the quality of final goods. When it is not kept under control, foam may decrease the capacity of equipment and increase the length and expenses of operations.


In the case of algaecides, chemicals are used to eliminate the growth of algal, such as blue-green or green-yellow. Copper sulfate, iron salts, rosin amine salts, and benzalkonium chloride are a few examples of chemical compounds to consider. Even while algaecides work well against microorganisms, they aren't practical for controlling algal blooms due to environmental concerns.