TGI Pure (tgi-415)

TGI Pure (TGI-625UP) 6 Stage 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis System with UV Sterilizer & Booster Pump

The TGI-625UP is capable of producing 50 gallons per day and typically fits in a sink cabinet. This particular system comes with a pressure booster pump for low incoming pressure homes. Homes on well water or gravity fed water tend to have low water pressure which will cause the system to not operate at its full potential and not turn off properly. The addition of a booster pump will make this work more optimally. 

The TGI Pure's RO System is a 6 stage reverse osmosis system which contains four replacement water filter cartridges, one replacement UV lamp and one membrane. Below is a break down of each stage and the compatible replacement membrane and filter part numbers that can be found on our site. UV Sterilizers are best used on homes with no chlorine. This is a great alternative to chlorine disinfection and can be used for extra protection.

STAGE 1 : FPMB5-978


STAGE 3 : 32-250-125-975

STAGE 4 : TW30-1812-50

STAGE 5 : K2533-KK