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John Guest Fittings is an advanced push-fit fitting that can be used for normal domestic hot and cold water lines. These push-fit or quick connect style fittings are perfect for the do-it-yourself (DIY) users. John Guest's design allows users to create leak free connections without the use of any tools. They proven reliability and have become one of the preferred water connector methods used by even Ford, Delta, Whirpool, 3M Cuno, and Elkay.

Their JG Speedfit series or John Guest Pipe Fitting are designed to be used on larger lines and can work with a variety of different materials like Copper Pipe, Speedfit Pex Pipe, CPVC, and PEX Pipe and conform to US Plumbing Standards. They come in a variet of plumbing standards such as: NPT (national pipe thread), BSPT/BSP (british standard pipe thread), OD (outer diameter) tube, and CTS (copper tube standard) sizes. JG Speedfit is a valuable asset to have for quick tool free water connections.

AllJohn Guest Plastic Fittings come lead free compliant because they are manufactured from high quality engineered plastic and comply with California Health & Safety Code 116875-116880 (formally AB1953) and Vermont lead free law S.0152.

John Guest offers fittings for every install from Elbows, Union Connectors, Union Tees, Dividers, Angle Stop Adapters, End Stops, Plugs, Reducers, Stem Adapters, Faucet Connectors and many other connections. Each fitting works by gripping the tube or pipe with small metal teeth built inside the collet or neck to hold the tubing in place; and an o-ring is on the interior of the fitting to make a permanent leak-proof connection and prevent any leaking.

John Guest Plastic Pipe Fittings including Elbows, Connectors, Dividers and More

John Guest quick connect fittings must be used with a high pressure, hard plastic tubing which can be found on our site or at your local hardware store like a Home Depot or Lowes. Tubing is typically made of polypropylene or polyethylene. These can also be used with metal tubing like copper but keep in mind that the connection part of the material should be smoothly sanded to ensure a secure seal.

John Guest push fit connection

To remove, use both forefingers to press and hold the neck (collet) around the tubing down against the fitting while pulling the tubing out simultaneously. To insert tubing, be sure to cut the tubing square with a sharp knife then insert it until you feel the fitting lock onto the tube. Pull the tube to ensure a secure seal.

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