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Isopure Water carries a wide variety of Water Filter Installation Supplies for every situation possible. You'll be able to find water pressure regulators, water softener flex connectors, Reverse Osmosis Membranes Installation Supplies, flow meters, feed valve kits, and even drain connectors. Whether you are installation a whole house carbon filter, water softeners, or a small under counter filter.

Large whole house filtration or softener systems should be installed by a certified plumber to ensure that you get the job done correctly. The benefit of having a certified plumber is that they are insured and your home will be protected against any installation problems. Of course by doing it yourself, you save sometimes hundreds of dollars. Installing a reverse osmosis system under the sink is simple and typically doesn't require any soldering or welding. Whole house systems usually require you to cut through copper pipes and either solder new connections or thread new ones. We've found for whole house water systems that after cutting pipes, using compression fittings and flex connectors make installations quick and easy. Although the cost for these types of fittings cost more, they make your life much easier on you.

Pipe flex connectors make installation for water softeners, whole house filters and big blue filter housings quick and easy. Falcon flex connectors are made of 304 stainless steel which ensures that your connection to be safe from high pressure water sources. Falcon water flex connectors have a larger orifice when compared to their competitors; this allows less water pressure reduction and more water flow.

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Flow meters are perfect for monitoring many needed information like what your current water flow is to the home; how much drain water is coming out of your system; how much filtered product water is created per minute or hour. With flow meters, you can even find out how many gallons have been filtered over time. This kind of information is well needed to figure out if your filters are over due or if your media is getting enough contact time to remove contaminants. For example, UV disinfection systems require a certain amount of contact time in order for water to be considered disinfected. They will rate UV systems as 2 GPM, 5 GPM and so on - if water exceeds the manufacturer settings, then the water disinfection rate drops dramatically. Flow meters helps you monitor the water flow so that you can control your flow rate or size a system correctly.

Leak controllers are the perfect addition to any water filter installed for drinking water filter systems to whole house water filtration systems. Leak detection controllers work by monitoring slow water flow changes in the water and either sound an alarm or cut off water supply to prevent further leaking. These prevent needless and expensive water damage to the home.

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