GE Desal Residential RO Membranes

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GE Osmonics Residential RO Membranes are spiral membrane elements that produce high quality purified water. GE membranes have been making reverse osmosis spiral-wound membranes for over 40 years. GE membranes have been known to provide a high salt rejection and are easy to replace or upgrade at an economical cost. Water produced by Desal Residential Reverse Osmosis Membranes is ideal for drinking water, rinse water, aquarium/marine water, and RV water and have many other uses.

Residential reverse osmosis membranes are not much different than larger commercial production membranes. Home RO membranes are simply just smaller in size and can operate at pressures as low as 40 psi; larger commercial ro membranes will require pressures of 100 psi or more and can produce 2000 gallons or more per day. GE Water offers world-class reverse osmosis membrane elements to create an unprecedented performance and protection in a reverse osmosis system. GE Desal residential membranes have many uses other than home drinking water. They have been used in smaller production cosmetic industries, Marine/Aquarium environments, and even in small laboratories.

This is all due to the high demand for its high salt rejection. Salt refers to most positive and negative charged molecules that dissociate when it comes in contact with water like table salt (aka NaCl). Salt content can be measured in TDS (total dissolved solids) where the lower the number - the less salt content you have in the water. Zero TDS is very important for salt water aquariums because it allows aquarium enthusiasts to properly balance the water for salt, pH and TDS without using too much of one ingredient; zero TDS is also important because it prevents any algae growth in the water. Lab water also requires high purity water for experiments and mixing solutions; GE Desal membranes ensure a high rejection rate which is cost effective pre-treatment to mixed bed DI filters to create Lab Water Type I and II.

High Quality Home RO Membranes to Purify Water

GE Desal residential membranes operate on water sources with less than 2000 ppm (parts per million) measured with a TDS meter. These high quality membranes offer a 95-99% salt rejection rate; the production rate of most GE Desal membranes is at 60 psi. Membranes are a great way to use as a pre-treatment to other options as in UV disinfection, mixed bed DI resin for ultra-purification, pH balancing with calcite media, and even alkaline media in order to lower the ORP and balance the pH of the water.

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