Fleck pH Acid Neutralizing Filters

Fleck pH Neutralizing Water Systems

Fleck pH Neutralizing Water Systems are a highly effective solutions for many people’s problematic water systems. Countless of people begin to rely on this wonderful aspect of today’s much advanced and technologically progressed technology and thus they are achieving quite a big benefit for themselves.

First of all, why would someone need a Fleck pH Neutralizing Water System? Well, typically the issue this kind of technology addresses is the fact that a customer or client has very acidic water within his or her household. This means, in other words, that the water has a pH balance of less than 7.0 and is actually bales to eat away at the plumbing of the building – which is never a good thing. Not only does this cause pipe damage and potential breakage as well, leaks can be a great pest to deal with and acid water can be an easy cause for these unpleasant qualities. Another problem that acid water causes is the blue and green staining of copper pipes and the red staining from iron leaching out of pipes. This might not be dangerous, but it is certainly not an appreciated thing and is often considered very unattractive by home owners of all types.
So what can a Fleck pH Neutralizing systems possibly do in order to help resolve this issue and aid in the elimination of such ugly discolorations as well as the damage brought upon a house’s plumbing system caused all in all by acidic water? The answer is relatively simple: calcite. Calcite is, at core, a naturally occurring calcium carbonate media. However, this seemingly not special thing has a certain property that happens to be one of the best possible solutions for the kind of problems acidic water causes. The property is self-limiting, and when used appropriately, it can correct the pH levels enough to reach a stable, safe, not corrosive equilibrium that will not only stop damaging piping but also prevent color changes and any other unpleasant conditions. When calcite comes into contact with acidic water, the acidic water slowly begins to dissolve it, and this in turn causes the raise of pH level of the water in general. Under normal, correctly planned out circumstances and smart application, the calcite does not overcorrect the pH level and the homeowner or user is therefore left with water that does not leach copper, lead and any other metals found in plumbing systems overall.

So what does the Fleck pH Neutralizing Water System actually do? It uses calcite in order to raise the water pH levels above 7.0 and to remove red water iron. Typically, these instruments can handle any kind of pH level, even one as low as 5.0. The tanks are made with special dome holes, which make for easy and convenient addition of calcite. Besides this, some of the products have transparent tanks, which enable users to easily view the calcite level by shining a flashlight onto it. Finally, some Fleck pH Neutralizing Water Systems even have an automatic backwash valve to clean the calcite automatically. This makes the product very efficient and simple to use.