Air Gap
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An air gap faucet which contains an empty space built in the base of the faucet. Air-gap faucets have three lines attached to them. (1) line from the tank to the faucet (2) a water line from the brine water side of your RO. (3) a drain line for the brine water that attaches to the drain saddle. Please check your local code to determine if an air-gap is required.
Non Air GAp
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Non air gap faucets have no Air-Gap function built into them. These faucets have a single line from the tank to the faucet.


There are many ways to filter and purify your tap water, from the most advanced like reverse osmosis coupled with a UV light at the tail end of it, to the smallest, easiest to install and cheapest, like a water filter faucet. This little gizmo is placed directly on the faucet, filtering water as it comes through it. This method should not be confused with filtration devices that hold water in a storage tank before filtering it. With a water filter faucet, water passes through it and it is filtered right then and there.

Of course this is a filter, not to be confused with a water purifier. It does not remove bacteria or other microorganisms. It just makes the water that comes from the main treatment plant a little safer to drink at a very affordable price. These filters are similar to those in reverse osmosis systems, in that they are carbon based. A carbon based filter stops many minerals from going through them, by ionizing and replacing them with sodium. A drinking water filter faucet is a good way to soften hard water. If you live in an area where you get hard water on your tap, you know how insoluble soap is in it. This leads to lower hygiene (or it makes it harder to have good hygiene), but the calcium in the water can also damage your washing machine and other household items that need to have water flowing through them. A faucet filter is also a good instrument for removing weird odors, tastes and sulfur from your tap water.

So why is it important to have a higher quality under sink water filter faucet? Well first of all, being a carbon based filter, it will need replacing. How often is a matter that regards the brand? These filters have a certain life-span, which ends when all of the carbon ions have been depleted and the filter cannot retain anymore contaminants. At this point water returns to its former quality and if the water had an odor or a taste before it is noticeable again. But the number of filters you have to go through depends on the brand you buy. Good brands can filter more water, while weak brands get depleted faster. Now, if you live in a household where you don’t use a lot of water, you can get away with owning a weaker brand of filters, but if you consume a lot of water, you can’t.

But the more important reason a good under sink water filter replacement faucet is that the water quality is directly affected. Depending on where you live, you might get better water, but you might also get worse water. Using an under the sink water filtration faucet is always a good place to start and improve your water’s quality, but try to find information about the quality of the water where you live. You might want to think about investing in something more powerful that will provide you with safer drinking water.