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Each drinking water system found online is not created equal by any means. From distillation systems to reverse osmosis to even ionizer water filtration systems, etc…Each one has their own pros and cons. However all of them have the same purpose which is to deliver purified drinking water to our home or business.

Distillers when combined with carbon filters can deliver purified water that exceeds 95% contaminant reduction and microorganism free. These distillation systems work wonders and have such a high purity that they are typically used as laboratory water. However, the process is typically very slow and not economical in mass production for large populations. Small systems for residential use are on the commercial market and can produce four (4) to eight (8) gallons of water per day.

Since distillers are usually impractical for higher volumes of water, people have turned to a very common alternative which is reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis systems are also capable of exceeding a 95% contaminant reduction and when combined with a UV germicidal light can offer disinfected water as well. Small residential systems can produce water as high as 150 gallons per day. The technology used for homes can be also found at bottled water plants like Dasani, Aquafina, and Evian. It is very common to drink a bottle of water and only later find out that it went through reverse osmosis.

Ionizers have the benefit of reducing something called ORP – oxidation reduction potential. Oxidation is necessary for your body to break down all the foods and chemical bonds in order for your body to create energy. However, too much oxidation can do more harm than good. Ionizers lower the ORP to sometimes even negative numbers in order to minimize the harmful oxidation. There are two methods of creating ionized water: Alkaline filters and Electric ionizers. Electric ionizers require minerals in the water in order for it to properly work and should not be combined with a distiller or reverse osmosis. Alkaline filters are very simple and do not require anything other than water to ionize water. Alkaline filters are easy to install as they are typically inline or cartridge filters and can be added on to any existing system or work as a standalone.

We Sell Simple Filter Cartridge & Reverse Osmosis Systems

Of course the Filter Cartridge Systems that have just sediment and carbon are usually more than enough for city water. Tap water provided by the city typically has much higher standards than almost all bottled water company. Most home users need to simply remove the Chlorine, bad taste and odor which can be done with a regular carbon filter.

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