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Which is better Salt Water Softeners or Salt-Free Water Conditioners?

Posted by Tai on 3/28/2012
Water softeners and water conditioners are easily confused as the same thing but they are far from the same. Water softeners actually remove hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium. Water conditioners simply treat these minerals so that they do not stick to anything and treat the water to react like soft water without the slippery feeling.

Why change your water filters regularly every 6 months?

Posted by Tai on 3/17/2012
Water filtration systems requires you to change out your water filters regularly in order to maintain purified clean water and prevent contamination within the unit itself. Water filters are just like a car, regardless of how many miles you drive – you still need to change the oil every 3-4 months to prevent dirty oil from damaging the engine. Water filters are exactly the same. Regardless of how many gallons of water you actually use, you still need to change out the filters at the minimum once a year to prevent build up and exhaustion. Many water dealers recommend changing your water filtration systems’ filters every six months.