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Still Drinking Bottled Water? Stay Away From These Brands.

Posted by Administrator on 1/27/2011
Water filtration is slowly but surely eliminating the need for purchasing water bottles, as water filtration system owners are choosing to tote around their own refillable water bottle as they go about their day. However, even these most conscious of consumers can be caught at a lunch or dinner where they are forced to purchase a plastic water bottle. Plastic water bottles are usually convenient and cheap and more often than not, ensure consumers that they are drinking clean and purified water. However, what happens when reports come back from select bottled water companies reporting unsafe or unclean water?

Water Filters...And The Dentist?

Posted by Administrator on 1/20/2011
Water filters and trips to the dentist, at first glance, don't appear to share a common bond however upon further review, they could be directly related. Lately, water filters and in-home water filtration systems have been receiving some negative publicity in the world of dentistry as many dentists are fearing that water filters are removing a vital 'ingredient' that has proven to be beneficial for teeth and gums, fluoride.

Students Fall Ill Due To Inefficient Water Filters

Posted by Administrator on 1/13/2011
Installing water filters in a work or home environment is the best way to ensure all employees, students or residents have access to purified, clean water and to ensure the water coming from these sources is chemical and harmful bacteria free. However, what happens when water filters within these establishment prove to be inefficient? Students at Seneca Valley High School in Germantown, Maryland felt the effects of faulty water filters this past week as students and faculty fell very ill after drinking water from the school's water fountains.