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Kemflo is an Industry Standard for Reverse Osmosis Systems and Water Filter Parts

Posted by Tai on 10/14/2011
Kemflo filters are well known in the industry for their filter cartridges including their inline water filters. But they also carry many other products that help customers maintain their costs in servicing their systems. Check out ebid for great deals

How Water Deionization Works Using Mixed Bed Anion & Cation Resins

Posted by Tai on 10/12/2011
Deionization of water refers to the removal of salts or charged ions in the water using a conducting polymer otherwise known as ion exchange resin. The combination of ion exchange resin used is commonly called “mixed bed DI resin” which has a mixture of Anion & Cation resin beds. Mixed bed DI resins exchange dissolved salt ions for other ions (normally; H+ & OH- ions but can vary).