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Yes, You Really Should Be Filtering Your Water

Posted by on 12/22/2018

For some people, the thought of a water filtration system is superfluous. Part of the reason for using tap water is because it is much less expensive than store-bought – why would you make it more expensive if you don’t have to?

While you may not be required to have a water filter, you may really want to after some thought. Here’s more information on the importance of filtering your water – and how to get a system set up in your home:

Your Water Isn’t as Clean as It Looks

Just because your water looks clear and clean doesn’t mean that it is. Most water that has been through the cleaning process required for tap water still carries millions of microorganisms, chemicals, minerals and metals, and other contaminants. You can leave all of that behind by just filtering your water before drinking it.

It Can Cause Bigger Problems than Taste

Okay, so maybe your water has some stuff in it. It’s never made you sick before, though – why worry about it now? The truth is, your water may be doing some major slow-burn damage to your body and home over time.

Unfiltered tap water can do all the following, and more:

  • Make your skin break out or over-dry it.
  • Damage your hair or cause hair loss.
  • Damage your toilet, tub, or sink
  • Damage metal fixtures
  • Cause bacteria growth in pipes
  • Cause illness over time with regular consumption
  • Exacerbate many health conditions with regular consumption

Remember, everyone who lives in your house – and your house, itself – can be negatively impacted by dirty tap water. Kids, pets, elderly or ill family members – everyone! All you have to do to keep that from happening is filter that flow!

Filtered is Cheaper than Bottled

Think you’ll sidestep all those yucky side effects of tap water by using bottled water instead? Not so fast. The average gallon of bottled water costs between $1-$4. The average gallon of tap water costs between 2-3 cents! All you have to do to make that number work for both your budget and your family’s health and safety needs is install a filter. Then, you can enjoy the pure, clean water you’re craving – for a fraction of the bottled cost.

Ready to start filtering your water? Talk to us here at IsoPure Water. We can help you choose the right water filtration system for your home and family and give you a great price on getting started with filtration. Talk to us today about getting cleaner, healthier water now!

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