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Whole House Filtration

Posted by Administrator on 12/18/2009

Consider the advantages of whole house water filters when you decide that having filtered and purified drinking water is important to you and your family. First, determine the type and size of system that meets your needs. You may opt for relatively inexpensive point-of-use units that attach to a single faucet, but once you get a taste of the benefits of filtered water you may consider a purification system for the entire home.

Water does not get an easy time of it these days. It is treated at source, filtered during transit, chlorinated, fluorinated, UV radiated and ozonated. Contaminants can get through. The massively high doses of lead in water reaching a community�s homes caused national concern and alarm to hundreds of families.

Whole house filtration systems are the end of the line in defense against contaminated water. They are becoming more popular as a non-visible way (compared with end of faucet filters) to ensure safety at point of entry in the house. The key is to build in the broadest array of filtration devices to catch any number of undesirable contaminants that the water may have picked up along the way.

Purifiers that clean the supply for the whole house are more than just drinking water filtration systems. They are filtration and purification systems located at the point where the supply initially comes into the home. This allows the unit to do its job and then send the improved supply throughout the house, not just to a single faucet. The purified water can then be used for laundry, bathing, watering plants, or any other purpose for which you may use it.

Whole house purifiers and filters are more complex to install than individual drinking water systems. Most people with a basic mechanical knowledge can handle the installation themselves if the filtration unit comes with good instructions. However, it is often better to pay for professional installation because it will generally take less time and you will have access to someone with a great deal of expertise to answer any operational questions you may have.

By removing chlorine and other harmful chemicals at the point-of-entry, whole house water filters not only provide cleaner, healthier water, but better air quality, as well. They prohibit chlorine from vaporizing in the air when used in the shower and dishwasher. Inhaling chlorine vapor is strongly correlated to the onset or aggravation of asthma and bronchitis. Whole house water filters also prevent harmful chemicals from embedding in clothing in the laundry, and they lessen the amount of detergent needed in both laundry and dishwashing.

Once the whole house purifier is installed, you will need only to perform some basic maintenance about twice per year. In most cases, this will consist of simply replacing the drinking water filters, but it may also involve other minor maintenance to help keep the entire system in good working order.

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