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What to Check When Your Water Filter Stops Working

Posted by on 12/8/2018

Are you experiencing problems with your water filtration system? Rest assured, filter struggles are common; a malfunction or failure to work is one of the biggest reasons so many people give up on or throw away their home filters. Most of these people have no idea how much time, money, and stress they could save by checking on a few simple elements. Often, one of the following concerns is what’s keeping your filter from working as it should:

Change Your Filter

When it comes to water filtration systems acting up, the most common fix is a change of the filter element. After all, how can your filtration system work properly when the actual filter itself stops trapping contaminants and cleaning up your water?

In general, water filters should be changed every 1-3 months. How often depends on both usage and the model of your filter, as well as your own preference. Changing your filter is something you can typically do on your own. Ask your retailer or the manufacturer of your filtration system which parts you’ll need and how often changing is recommended for the best possible results.

Check Your Filter Housing

All too often, a malfunctioning filter is caused by a filter housing that has been compromised. Filter housings can be broken by physical impact or simple deterioration. Regardless of how it happens, a cracked or broken filter housing can lead to some serious problems.

If you’ve noticed less-than-sparkling water coming out of your filter or bits of unidentified “Stuff” floating in your freshly-filtered water, you may have a broken filter housing on your hands. Check your housing first for cracks or breakage and replace the entire housing right away if you notice it.

Repair Your System

When you have an under-sink or whole-house water filtration system, you may end up needing repairs more often than you would with a standard filter. When this happens, it’s important to talk to a professional. Maybe you can complete the repairs yourself but ensuring that you get the right pieces for the job will help you do the best possible job.

At IsoPure Water, we offer a number of brands, makes, models, and styles – including John Guest fittings – to help you get the right piece or system every time. Ask us about completing your system or what you might need for repairs; our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process and make everything from ordering to repairing and maintaining your system easier than you ever imagined.

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