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Water Filter Scams On The Rise

Posted by Administrator on 3/22/2011

Investing in a water filtration system for the home or office is not only a smart decision but also a healthy one as well. Knowing that the water running from the taps and knowing that cups filled up from the sink are pure and free of harsh chemicals ensures that all members of the family or all employees within the office are staying safe and hydrated.

Investing in  a water filtration system is also exactly that, an investment. The equipment is advanced, the installation takes time and yet each penny spent on a water filtration system is a penny spent towards health, piece of mind and vitality. However and unfortunately, some water filtration supply and water filtration system companies think otherwise as the scams committed by water filtration system salesmen are on the rise.

A water filtration system salesmen in Western Kentucky has recently been arrested and charged with scamming customers in the Western Kentucky area out of thousands of dollars. The salesman processed these orders, received payments from these customers and then never delivered the system. Customers, or more victims of the scam, reported that they paid out this salesman anywhere from $1,500 to $3,200 in cash. For one customer, that actually received a water filtration system, reported that they had been trying to report and file against the salesmen for selling them a faulty system that never worked.

The salesmen currently faces jail time and a hefty fine once convicted as well as paying out all customers who had been victims of the scam. Iso Pure Water advises that any salesmen who come door to door, who cold call home telephones or who cannot provide alternative phone numbers or company references are more than likely attempting a scam. Iso Pure Water also advises that all customers thoroughly research any and all water filtration system supply companies before choosing to invest in a system.

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