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Stay Healthy - Replace Your Water Filter

Posted by Administrator on 5/18/2011

The first step to healthy drinking water is getting a water filtration system.  The next step is maintaining clear water filters.  Most water filter cartridges have a life span based on the gallons of water filtered.   People often forget to change their filters because they've lost track of time or forgotten to mark their calendar for the next filter change.  Many times when people do remember to check their filters, they are mislead by the appearance of a seemingly clean cartridge housing.

To help with maintenance, filters usually have a filter life printed on the label or the specifications sheet detailing about how many gallons a filter will last.  What those labels don't tell you is that the gallon life of a carbon filter is based on the chlorine filtration life, unless otherwise specified.    Chlorine filtration is one of the primary reasons people want filtered water, so it's critical to remember that changing your filter is key to a reduction of chlorine in your drinking water.

Think of your filter changes as routine maintenance, similar to oil changes to your car.  A recommended oil change for your car is every 3 months or 3000 miles.  If the recommendation to change your filter is 3000 gallons or 1 year, it's best to change it within that timeframe even if it looks okay.   Water passing through an old, exhausted filter could be worse for your health because it could allow for bacteria/biofilm buildup or unfiltered contaminants entering your water stream.  Additionally, it could lead to a drop in your water pressure.

Regularly changing your water filter makes all the difference by blocking contaminants and preventing bacteria/biofilm buildup.  Mark your calendars for a filter change you will ensure that you and your family are drinking healthy, clear water and clean really does taste great!

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