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Reverse Osmosis – a Great Choice for Home Water Filtration

Posted by on 11/22/2018

When searching for a water filtration system for your home, you have many options. From the size and placement of your filter to the type of filtration it uses, there are many decisions to make and many models to choose between.

One of the most popular choices for home water filtration is the reverse osmosis system. Here's why so many people are loving this chemical-free water purification method – and how you can get one in your own home.

Osmosis, In Reverse

Osmosis is the natural process in which a less-dense fluid will displace a denser material in order to create a more balanced environment. What does this mean in plain language? Water passing through a semi-permeable membrane will seek out a more concentrated solution in order to weaken it and bring balance into being.

Think of it this way: if you put strong salt water solution behind a membrane and regular water on the other side, the regular water will quickly move to displace the concentration of the solution on the other side and balance it. Water wants equilibrium!

Reverse osmosis uses this process, but in reverse. Still using a semipermeable membrane, water is forced backward through the typical osmosis process by pressure or manual force. Typically using a pump of some kind, water will be pushed through the membrane to trap and hold contaminants. The water that comes out on the other side is not more balanced, but less so, leaving impurities behind as it comes out cleaner and safer.

Reverse Osmosis at Work in the Home

Reverse osmosis systems may sound like expensive, fussy water purification technology, but they're actually becoming much more accessible, affordable, and common in the marketplace today. Many people choose this method to clean their water at a household level, since it does not use harsh chemicals. It also makes a great drinking water filter element, since it leaves water cleaner, better tasting, and healthier for consumption. Virtually any application you can think of in your home, you can put a reverse osmosis filtration system to work there.

Ready to put a reverse osmosis system into your home? At IsoPure Water, we believe in making today's best water filtration technology affordable and accessible for everyone. Browse our collections or contact us today to learn how easy it can be to create a system that works for your home and family.

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